The flagship restaurant in the Caruso Palisades Village, the Draycott, evokes the nostalgia of a grand European Brasserie balanced with the freshness and flair of its Californian location. Owned by renowned local restaurateurs Marissa and Matt Hermer, The Draycott is designed in a way that will allow it to become a staple neighbourhood destination.

The centrepiece of the space is a marble-topped jewel-box bar, with an impressive patina brass gantry suspended above. Directly across from the bar is the dining area, with every piece of brasserie-inspired furniture meticulously custom designed by Fettle for the project.

Architecturally, the space is enveloped by a spectacularly high coral-coloured coffered ceiling with ornate cornice-work. The white panelled walls form a canvas for the mixture of local and European artists on display. The scheme also includes the hidden Queen’s Room, a 26-seat private dining room with its own dispense bar that can be serviced directly from the kitchen for extra privacy.

The 196-seat restaurant is greatly enhanced by an elegant terrace overlooking the Palisades Village park, which accommodates 86 guests. The terrace is dressed in a custom marble mosaic floor with Riviera café chairs giving a French twist and a vast canopy that allows for year-round outdoor dining.